What is Screen Protector Cutting Machine?

It’s a machine developed for cutting various flexible PET screen protectors, TPU screen protectors, hydraulic screen protectors, and other mobile phones flexible explosion-proof screen protector. It’s easy to use and the operation is convenient and fast.
Screen film cutting machine provides a complete solution to solve the pressure on finished film inventory of various mobile phone accessories suppliers. It’s suitable for individual entrepreneurship or mobile phone repair stores.
The most important is that the machine can help you solve the problems of selling and applying traditional screen protector films.
The advantages of screen film cutting machine are keep away from inventory pressure, low investment cost, and achieve profitability, etc.

Why do we use mobile phone Screen Protector Cutter?

Whoever you are, we can’t do without a mobile phone nowadays. As we all know, one mobile phone can assist us to deal with many things in one day, such as dealing with work matters, searching for information, sending emails, chatting with friends online, etc.
Mobile phones have played an important role in our daily life. To meet people’s demand for mobile phones, many mobile-related fields have emerged. And one of the needs is to apply a screen protector to protect the mobile phone screen from damage.
However, how to put a screen protector on the phone screen, what you think of in your mind, should be the traditional way of applying a screen protector.

What problems will you meet when you sell and apply traditional screen protector films?

1. Too much hot sell phone models, you have to prepare a large amount of inventory of screen protectors.
2. Difficult to meet the needs of customers who use unpopular phone models.
3. The replacement speed of mobile phones is too fast, result in overstock that is unable to consume quickly.
4. The cost of mobile phone screen protectors business is too high.
5. No professional after-sales service to support when you meet some problems.

How to solve the problems of selling and applying traditional screen protector films?

That’s what we are going to talk about next. To solve the problems mentioned above, we need one machine that is screen protector cutting machine.
As a professional manufacturer of mobile phone repair equipment, we have been committed to developing new products. Therefore, we are also launching a new product-Universal Screen Film Cutter recently.

What powerful functions of FORWARD Universal Screen Film Cutter?

  • Simple and easy to operate

You don’t need to master complex programming, numerical control or mechanical knowledge. All you need to do is to place a film and move your finger and select the model you want on intelligent touch screen, and then click the “Cut” button.
The fastest, only 15 seconds to cut out one screen film. It’s more efficient to cut screen films. There is an important point you should know that the machine would detect the material and feed it automatically when you place the screen film flat on the side of the cutting area.

  • Massive cloud data

The machine has more than 6000 styles of data. All latest data will update online automatically, instead of a month to get a new screen protector model. You can get the latest model at once to grab business opportunities.

  • Built-in data statistics function

The Screen Film Cutter has built-in statistics tools, automatically help you to record the hot-sale mobile phone models, and you can directly grasp customer needs by reading the record.

  • Universal

The screen film cutter covers all models of front films, back films and full coverage back films. It’s not only suitable for mobile phones, but also for tablets, watches, cameras, and AirPods, etc.
The machine can cut out 12.9 inches of large film, and use it as you like.

  • Achieve zero stock

You don’t need to worry about inventory pressure and cannot meet the needs of customers who use unpopular phone models. Only need to prepare raw materials for screen film as you need. Then you can obtain any model which you want to get. Make zero stock of applying screen protector come true.

  • Precise holes position

Universal Screen Film Cutter can be used for raw materials of different thicknesses. High-precision physical cutting knife, up to 0.1mm cutting accuracy.
The cutting speed has 10 gears, and the speed can be adjusted. The knife needle is retractable, disassembled and replaced.

  • Perfect cutting lines

Equipped with imported tungsten steel knife needle, lasting and durable. Film cutting lines are smooth and flat, without burrs.

In general, screen protector cutting machine is a machine that can meet all demands of applying screen protectors. It’s multifunctional. One machine can solve so many traditional problems of selling and applying screen protectors. So, if you have a need, please don’t miss it.

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