Dazzle Aurora Flexible Explosion-proof Back Protector

  • Electroplating Aurora Layer, Cool and Dazzling Like Aurora
  • Seamless Fit, No Dust, No Warped Edges, No White Edges
  • Cobweb Explosion-proof, Effectively Reduce the Risk of Broken Screen
  • Zero stock of applying screen protectors

Dazzle Aurora Flexible Explosion-proof Back Protector provides protection for the phone backboard which enables seamless fit and free from dust and non-adhesive. Electroplating aurora layer makes your phone sparkle like aurora.

$104.00 $52.00

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Advantages of Dazzle Aurora Back Protector Films

Dazzle Aurora Back Protector Films
Seismic explosion-proof

Seismic Explosion-proof

Cobweb explosion-proof, break down the impact, anti-shock and anti-fall, effectively reduce the risk of broken screen.


New Nano rebound technology, minor scratches, 24 hours automatic repair, no fear of daily bumps.
Easy to paste

Easy to Paste

Positioning strip assisted, not afraid to stick crooked. Imported materials, good exhaust, no bubbles.
1. Electroplating aurora layer, ambilight on the surface, cool and dazzling like aurora.
2. The back cover is full covered, the curved surface fits closely, like invisible.
3. The bare metal hand feels, no dust, no warped edges, no white edges.
Seamless fit
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 6 cm


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