Anti-blue Flexible Screen Protector Films

  • Anti-blue light, Certification authority
  • Anti-scratch, Touch sensitive
  • Full screen coverage, Perfectly Fits
  • Zero stock of applying screen protector

Anti-blue Flexible Screen Protector Films is a screen protector which is use a special anti-blue light agent coating process which can strongly resist the damage of blue light to your eyes in the 400-430nm band.


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Advantages of Anti-blue Screen Protector Films

Anti blue light screen protector
Anti blue light screen protector 3

Full Screen Coverage

Perfectly fits the curvature of the phone body, no any gap, not warp edges, greatly prevent against the dust.
Positioning strip assisted, not afraid to stick crooked. Imported materials, good exhaust, no bubbles.

Easy to Paste

Anti blue light screen protector 2
1. Cobweb explosion-proof, anti-shock and anti-fall, effectively reduce the risk of broken screen.
2. Through multiple rigorous inspection and testing the effect of anti-blue light, it’s true and reliable.
3. New Nano rebound fusion technology, minor scratches, enable to repair automatic.
4. Induction unlocks in seconds, easy to take long screen shots, playing mobile games more enjoyable.
5. Adopted high transmission soft glue, clearer and more transparent, really restore HD image quality.
Anti blue light screen protector 1
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 6 cm

9’ One pack 50 PCS, 11' One pack 20 PCS, 13' One pack 20 PCS


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