What Is A Screen Protector Plotter

What Is A Screen Protector Plotter? Screen Protector Cutting Plotter is a new equipment developed for cutting a variety of different materials protector films, like TPU film, PPC film and PET film, etc. Then you can help your customers apply front film to protect their mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products or apply back film to decorate the back covers.

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What Is the Advantage of Flexible Explosion-Proof Film?

What is flexible explosion-proof film? This is a soft film made of TPU materials. It has a very good flexibility. It can help you solve the problems of warp edges, white edges and not fits curved screens well. It is especially suitable for edge screens. If you want to know more about it, just come and see.

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How To Use ZERO Screen Protector Cutter Of High-end Version?

Due to fix the problems of selling and applying traditional screen protectors, new Screen Protector Cutter is coming up. This machine has three versions, Bluetooth version, built-in screen version and Bluetooth & built-in screen version. Today, we are going to show you how to use Bluetooth & built-in screen version to cut and apply front

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What is a Universal Screen Film Cutter?

Do you know there are some problems of selling and applying traditional screen protectors? 1. With the development of mobile phones, there are many hot sell models in the market, so you have to prepare a large amount of inventory of screen protects, and it will cause a lot of inventory pressure. 2.It’s difficult to

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What is an Explosion-proof Film?

Mobile phone explosion-proof film is a kind of PC plastic, which you can put on a mobile phone screen or back housing. It enables to effectively buffer the impact, prevent the screen from bursting, or prevent the glass panel from being broken and scattered due to the accidental impact of the mobile phone, reducing the

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What is screen protector cutting machine?

It’s a machine developed for cutting various flexible PET screen protectors, TPU screen protectors, hydraulic screen protectors, and other mobile phones flexible explosion-proof screen protector. It’s easy to use and the operation is convenient and fast. Screen film cutting machine provides a complete solution to solve the pressure on finished film inventory of various mobile

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